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Bui Thi Xuan Street


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Other Famous Streets nearby Bui Thi Xuan Street
Hotels Nearby Bui Thi Xuan Street
Hotel Star Rates Distance to From (per night)
1Sapphire Hotel 0.1 Km 1,147,000 VND
2Elegant Hotel 0.1 Km 814,000 VND
3Queen Ann Hotel 0.2 Km 793,000 VND
4Family Inn Hotel 0.3 Km 1,085,000 VND
5Hoang Ngan Hotel 0.3 Km 834,000 VND
6Hoang Phu Gia Hotel 0.4 Km 814,000 VND
7Hong Vy 3 Hotel 0.4 Km Contact us
8Vien Dong Hotel 0.4 Km Contact us
9Cinnamon Hotel Saigon 0.4 Km Contact us
10Liberty 4 Hotel 0.5 Km 1,189,000 VND
11Asian Ruby 3 Hotel 0.5 Km 980,000 VND
12Elios Hotel 0.5 Km 897,000 VND
13Liberty 3 Hotel 0.6 Km 1,147,000 VND
14Beautiful 2 Saigon Hotel 0.6 Km Contact us
15Beautiful 3 Saigon Hotel 0.6 Km Contact us
16Beautiful 1 Saigon Hotel 0.6 Km Contact us
17Le Duy Hotel 0.6 Km 960,000 VND
18Graceful Saigon Hotel 0.7 Km Contact us
19An An Hotel 0.7 Km Contact us
20Star Hotel Saigon 0.7 Km 1,272,000 VND