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  • Charming Madagui Forest Resort

    Charming Madagui Forest Resort

    Located right at the foot of Banana Pass on National Highway 20, about 148km from Da Lat city, Madagui covering 1,200 ha is one of the most popular tourist sites in the southern province of Lam Dong. The resort leaves a special impression in the hearts of domestic and foreign visitors with its dreamlike and romantic beauty, because it is situated among rolling hills in a fresh and cool climate with breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes surrounded by uninterrupted systems of streams, rivers and cave-chains and a vegetation cover of rich and diverse unspoilt forests. The resort spreads along the Da Huoai River and encompasses all factors ideal for visitors to relax or discover the mysterious beauty of unspoiled primeval forests. It offers visitors a chance to discover and conquer mysterious natural caves and hugely grandiose stones carved by craftsmen into such giant artistic works as "Song Tuong Trieu Phuc" (the two elephant statues), "Tam Dai" (lion, tiger, bear), "Tu Linh" (the four supernatural creatures: dragon, unicorn, tortoise, phoenix), "Ngu Qua" (the five fruits), and "Cuu Phuc" (the nine bats). Visitors will also have a chance to go sightseeing in the tropical rain forests, visit bamboo woods and the banana-collection area with hundreds of types and a variety of the southern and central highlands' fruit-trees.

  • One day enjoying the beauty of a Romantic Da Lat

    One day enjoying the beauty of a Romantic Da Lat

    Located at an altitude of 1,500m, Dalat is the capital city of Lam Dong province. Since French authorities established their rule on this land, Dalat bore all the marks of a European city with its numberless villas of French architecture. Dalat is more attractive with its beauty and temperate climate (17oC in average); it also abounds with romantic lakes, beautiful waterfalls, green pine forests and various flowers in blossom all year round. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable wonderful time when visiting "The City of Eternal Spring" or “The City of Love”.