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Going fishing in the suburb of Hanoi Capital:
Overview :
Going fishing in the suburb of Hanoi Capital No one can deny that fishing is one of the most favorite entertainments for not only Vietnamese but also people from all over the world. That is the reason why many foreign tourists – though they are on trip to Vietnam - they still want to keep hobby of fishing. For those who stay in Hanoi, after a short drive to the suburb, you are easily to find a suitable and ideal ecological tourist places for fishing. Run away from the noisy and busy Hanoi, you will have time to enjoy a fresh air of the countryside, leisurely take a stroll around and spend some hours going fishing with your friends. Of course, you are not a "bad fisherman" if coming back with some fish in your pail.



Depart from:


Activity theme:






Estimated fee:







7:30 am - 2:00 pm




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  • 7:30 am: Depart from your hotel. Car transfer to the outskirt of Hanoi.


  • After about 45 minute drive, you will reach the ecological tourists site.


  • Buy entrance ticket fee and hire some things used for going fishing, such as: water pails, fishing rods. Please do not forget to take some bait.


  • Walk around and choose your most favorite place for fishing. You can go fishing and enjoy the fresh air of the countryside.


  • At about 11:00 am: Bring your water pails and fishing rods back. Remember to take along your fish you have caught. Then come to the Restaurant at that ecological tourist place and have lunch.


  • Take a rest. A car will transfer you back to your hotel at about 2:00 pm.


Activity suggestions




  • Suitable clothes and shoes


  • Digital-camera to take photos (if necessary)


  • Hats and sun-glasses if sunny weather


  • Money in cash


Most suitable for


  • Children above 6 years old


  • Tourists of all occupations


  • A group of friends, members in a family


Inappropriate for


  • Children must be careful when sitting by the bank of fishing-pond


  • People who are not patient enough for spending some hours fishing
How to get there
  • Car transfer from your hotel to the fishing place


  • You can also hire a motorbike to get to the fishing place
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