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  • Day trip to Ho Tay Water Park

    Day trip to Ho Tay Water Park

    Ho Tay Water Park is a part of Ho Tay Park. It comprises a total area of 3,5 hectares. With all equipment imported from Spain, this is the largest and most modern park in the North of Vietnam. The water park always bring about a relaxed and comfortable moment for visitors. Since 2007, the park has changed much with regards to the scenery. Many details had been upgraded and replaced. Now it has become more beautiful and modern. Coming to the park, you will have opportunity to experience many games and activities.

  • Enjoy Water Puppet Show in Hanoi Capital

    Enjoy Water Puppet Show in Hanoi Capital

    Water Puppet is one of the famous traditional arts of Vietnam. For many years, this type of arts has been appreciated and observed by many people. Therefore, foreign tourists coming to Vietnam do not want to miss a chance to enjoy a water puppet performance. Through each water puppet performance, tourists can have an overview of culture and customs of Vietnam and also the local life style of Vietnamese people.

  • King Island Golf resort

    King Island Golf resort

    Located 36 kilometers to the west of Hanoi and 45 kilometers away from Noi Bai International Airport, Kings’ Island Golf is an international standard golf club. The club is located in the Kings’ Valley with the total area of 350 hectares along the shores of Dong Mo Lake. This is considered the most beautiful golf course in Northern provinces of Vietnam. Spending one day at the course will surely bring you a good experience…

  • Relax at Bao Son Paradise

    Relax at Bao Son Paradise

    Located in Km8 of the Lang Hoa Lac Street, 12 kilometers to the city center, Bao Son Paradise is Vietnam’s first entertainment and tourism complex of international standard. Coming to Bao Son Paradise, Tourists will immediately be attracted by the cultural tourism area – the concentration of and representation for Vietnam’s special culture features including the old quarter area, the handicraft village area, etc…

  • Going fishing in the suburb of Hanoi Capital

    Going fishing in the suburb of Hanoi Capital

    No one can deny that fishing is one of the most favorite entertainments for not only Vietnamese but also people from all over the world. That is the reason why many foreign tourists – though they are on trip to Vietnam - they still want to keep hobby of fishing. For those who stay in Hanoi, after a short drive to the suburb, you are easily to find a suitable and ideal ecological tourist places for fishing. Run away from the noisy and busy Hanoi, you will have time to enjoy a fresh air of the countryside, leisurely take a stroll around and spend some hours going fishing with your friends. Of course, you are not a "bad fisherman" if coming back with some fish in your pail.

  • Weekend days spending in Chi Linh Star Golf Course

    Weekend days spending in Chi Linh Star Golf Course

    After one hour's drive from Hanoi on the way to Halong Bay, tourists will reach Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Club – which is known as an international standard golf club. Opening in 2003, the Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Club has established a name for itself as the premier golf club in the north of Vietnam. Providing tourists with a large area spreading over 324 hectares on a magnificent valley nestling beside a large lake surrounded by 100 hectares of rolling forest hills of golf course as well as modern golf facilities, this golf course will bring you an everlasting impression during your stay here at weekend days. Besides the golf course, this completed site will offer tourists two 18-hole golf courses, a five-star hotel, 300 villas and a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities.

  • Visiting Thu Le Zoo

    Visiting Thu Le Zoo

    Hanoi comprises a large number of parks, each of which is provided with its own beauty and characteristics. Thu Le is one of these. This Park is also referred to as Thu Le Zoo since you may find many species of animals here like monkey, elephant, birds, and several precious species. People living around this park often do their morning exercises here. If you visiting the park in the early morning, it is usual that you may catch sight of people jogging, running, strolling or playing many other sport activities. Strolling around the park will surely bring about a relaxed and comfortable feeling since there are a lot of green trees and also a lake. Many species of animals have been brought there and the park has become a big house where they are living in harmony.