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  • Hoi An Eco Fishing Tour

    Hoi An Eco Fishing Tour

    Fishing tour is the very special tour which is promised to bring visitors the most beautiful scenery of the countryside of Fishermen life in Hoi An town - Viet Nam. Touching the local fishing life by using the fishing net, riding funny basket boat and visiting water palm coconut paradise and learning about history about the Vietnamese people throughout daily activity are a great thing to see. This unique tour that is committed to providing you “A unique cultural window into the Vietnamese way of life”

  • Lantern Making and Hoi An City Tour

    Lantern Making and Hoi An City Tour

    One of the great pleasures of any visit to Hoi An is strolling along the beautiful streets of the old town at night under the flickering lights of the many beautiful lanterns. These simple yet colorful lanterns are both part of Hoi An culture and Hoi An today. We offer you a tour to a traditional Hoi An handicraft village to make some lanterns.