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  • Cat Cat Village a sketchy trait in mountainous region of Sapa

    Cat Cat Village a sketchy trait in mountainous region of Sapa

    It would be a big loss for travelers for not visiting Cat Cat Village located in Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province because of its beautiful and wild terrace fields, curling stone road and long-standing culture of the H’mong ethnic minority people. Cat Cat Village could be a hide-way destination for those living in noisy and animated cities to escape. Once visiting this village, our fatigue was replaced with excitement and refreshment with wild nature and the good-natured H’mong people.

  • Exploring the life of ethnic minority peoples in Sapa

    Exploring the life of ethnic minority peoples in Sapa

    The Northwestern part of Vietnam is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of South East Asia. Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups and the area around Sapa is an exciting place to see the lives, culture and costumes of the Vietnamese ethnic minorities. In this part of the country the minorities still dress in their traditional colorful clothing – especially the women. Each group has its own distinct color and style of dress. On this tour you will visit some of the minority people in the Sapa Valley and experience the colorful Sapa market where some of the different ethnic groups come into town to sell their products.

  • Walking to Sin Chai Village

    Walking to Sin Chai Village

    Located at the foot of Fansipan Mountain, 'the roof of Vietnam and Indochina' is Sin Chai village, about 30 kilometers trekking from Sapa town. From here you can enjoy huge stunning landscapes before climbing up on the way a jeep to return to Sapa. Sin Chai is a village of the Red Dao ethnic people, whose women wear beautifully embroidered clothes with distinctive silver jewellery and an enormous red turban. This short trek to Sin Chai allows visitors for cultural acclimatization. Sin Chai is a community village. Here the locals will take the time to teach textile weaving and dying, will take the group on a locally built trail to explain the names and function of the local flora. There will be the opportunity to participate in the village community, there will be a traditional sporting activity and tree planting. But before staying in Sin Chai Village, the visitors shall have a chance to stop over Cat Cat Village, just 2 km trekking from Sapa Townlet and on the way to Sin Chai Village, to learn about the life of Black H’mong people.

  • Half day visiting Taphin Brocatelle village

    Half day visiting Taphin Brocatelle village

    Ta Phin brocatelle village is about 17km to the east of Sapa town. The village possesses a beautiful natural landscape along with deep national character culture reflected through many festivals (“Tet nhay” of the Red Dao people, “new house festival” of ethnic minority groups…). Ta Phin is also well-known for another special feature - the famous traditional brocatelle village. Under the skillful hands of Mong, Dao women, a lot of beautiful and lovely brocatelle products have been made. You can buy yourself a product like a backpack, tourist hand bag, scarf, wallet and even clothes of different colors and patterns. Brocatelle is very popular in Sapa. Most tourists visiting Sapa choose brocatelle products as a souvenir or a gift for their friends and relatives. That’s why you should choose for yourself one to keep it as a memory about this beautiful town.

  • Experience one Saturday night at Sapa love market

    Experience one Saturday night at Sapa love market

    Located in the high of 1,600m above the sea level, Sapa is known as one of the most ideal destination for relaxation in the North-west of Vietnam. It would be a miss if tourists staying in this fanciful town without taking part in Love markets which are ordinarily held every weekends – busiest every Saturday night. Love market is one of the popular markets of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. Tourists will have chance to experience the daily life of ethnic people, make friends with them and listen to the "love sound" of "Khen" or "Sao" (Flute) (the typical musical instruments of Vietnamese ethnic minorities) - performed by some boys and girls. That would be the great and unforgettable time during your stay in Sapa.

  • Visiting Can Cau Saturday Market in Sapa

    Visiting Can Cau Saturday Market in Sapa

    All foreign tourists wish to come to Sapa with the aim of seeking for a fresh air of the high mountainous region, for the marvelous and charming landscape and for experiencing the daily life of ethnic minority groups. In the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam in general and in Sapa in particular, the most outstanding feature of Ethnic minority group is partially reflect through the market-days. Therefore, spending time in your tight time-budget in Sapa can not ignore an interesting activity of joining a market of ethnic minorities. Of course, Can Cau Market - which is regularly held every Saturday - is one of the most popular markets for many tourists coming to Sapa. Visiting this market will keep in your mind an unforgettable impression of a high-mountainous region. You have chance to do some shopping in Can Cau Market: buying brocatelle woven by ethnic minorities people themselves, trying tasting some specialties of Sapa and taking some souvenirs for beloveds …