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Visiting Thu Le Zoo:
Overview :
Visiting Thu Le Zoo Hanoi comprises a large number of parks, each of which is provided with its own beauty and characteristics. Thu Le is one of these. This Park is also referred to as Thu Le Zoo since you may find many species of animals here like monkey, elephant, birds, and several precious species. People living around this park often do their morning exercises here. If you visiting the park in the early morning, it is usual that you may catch sight of people jogging, running, strolling or playing many other sport activities. Strolling around the park will surely bring about a relaxed and comfortable feeling since there are a lot of green trees and also a lake. Many species of animals have been brought there and the park has become a big house where they are living in harmony.



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  • Depart from your hotel and transfer to Thu Le Zoo at 8.00 in the morning. You may walk or take a taxi or motorbike taxi (which is always available) to get to the Zoo.


  • Buy entrance tickets to enter the zoo.


  • Thu Le Zoo is home to many species which may properly grasp your attention.


  • You may see that there is a lake in the center of the zoo and this lake surround a small area of land just like a small island. Moving onto this “island”, you will have chance to observe a flock of monkey which is not afraid of the people at all. Tourists often give the monkeys snacks and fruits. It’s fun that they even beg you for food.


  • Around this “island” are many other areas where different species are raised.


  • If you have children, this place may be considered one of the most attractive destinations since there are many games for children. You can buy additional tickets in order to join the games like the haunted house, merry-go-round, and especially the boat racing on Thu Le Lake.


  • After experiencing the games, stroll around for sightseeing.


  • Come back to hotel in the afternoon.



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  • Money in cash to buy entrance tickets and tickets for other games and activities


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  • People off all age, all occupations, especially those who love nature and wild animals and those who have small children
How to get there
  • Transfer from hotel to Thu Le Zoo on foot or by taxi, motorbike taxi depending on your hotel's location


(Note: Thu Le Zoo is located in Cau Giay District)

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