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  • Festival celebrating the Dien Bien Victory

    Festival celebrating the Dien Bien Victory

    Should anyone be a Vietnamese, he will know for sure what the 7th May 1954 refers to. Should anyone be the survival soldiers after the war period of 1945 - 1954 between French Solidarity Force and Vietnamese one in Dien Bien Phu area, it will be impossible for them to forget the memories of the period, especially the event of the 7th May 1954 when the Vietnamese Solidarity Force fought against the French's successfully for the peace of their country. It was an important event that decisively forced the French to exit from Vietnam. That is the reason why the 7th May has become an unforgettable history landmark of Vietnamese.

  • Festival of Ethnic Minorities Han Khuong Festival

    Festival of Ethnic Minorities Han Khuong Festival

    Another famous festival - which keeps foreign tourists' impression on Dien Bien - is Han Khuong Festival held by Thai people and some other Ethnic Groups in the North-west after their harvests (in the middle of autumn or winter). The Han Khuong Festival is considered as the soul of Ethnic Minority villages because it symbols for prosperity, happiness and peace in each village. It is a traditional form of cultural activities including many kinds of arts (such as singing, telling stories ...) in the harmony atmosphere.

  • Hoang Cong Chat Temple Festival

    Hoang Cong Chat Temple Festival

    Ban Phu Citadel is the name of Dien Bien's historic vestiges related Hoang Cong Chat - the leader of a peasant's movement in the 18th century. The festival in Hoang Cong Chat Temple celebrates on 24th - 25th of 2nd lunar month aims to memorize this hero.