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Festival celebrating the Dien Bien Victory

The Vietnamese in general and the Dien Bien people in particular are eager to hold a festival to commemorate Dien Bien Victory every 7th May, especially bigger ones for every five or ten years. The festival is celebrated for the meeting of Vietnamese and French veterans back to the old battle field of Dien Bien. Some French veterans are moved to tears when recalling the Dien Bien Phu entrenched camp. They also pay the Dien Bien soldiers the honor because it was the Dien Bien soldiers that made the Greatest Victory of Vietnam. Furthermore, some tourists express their desires to come back to Dien Bien for other times.

On this day, thousands of people in traditional costumes are eager to participate in the meeting festival. This anniversary begins with the formal meeting speech reminding of a great victory of Vietnamese people in Dien Bien in 1954. After that, there were many traditional games which attract a huge number of foreign tourists.