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Festivals in Danang

Quan The Am Festival

Quan The Am Festival is organized annually on 19th of lunar February at the Marble Mountain Tourist site. The festival lasts three days with lots of activities.

Along with other ceremonies, the Greeting Quan The Am ceremony takes place at about 10 am on the 19th after the four other ceremonies have finished. The statue of Bodhisattva Kwan Yin is taken from Quan The Am Pagoda to a boat on Cau Bien River and then rowing around Co Co River. The purpose of this ceremony is to ask for safety and luck for fishermen whose main works and daily lives take place on the river.

Besides, there are many other sports and cultural activities of both traditional and modern like singing folk songs, painting, music, sculpture, dancing, etc. Thank to the advantageous topographical location, the multiform activities of the festival have drawn much attention from tourists. Visitors can join in the eager atmosphere of the traditional game “Tug of war” and modern activity “boat racing”. In the evening, the festival seems to be more splendid and magnificent with more sounds and colors. You will have chance to enjoy a play about the Legend of the Marble Mountain at the main stage. With many sports and cultural activities, which are very popular, the Quan The Am Festival has left deep impression, contributing to the recovery and development of the cultural character of Vietnamese.

Quan The Am Festival is also the wish for peaceful life, favorable natural conditions; is the opportunity for each person to join in the holiday atmosphere, to understand more about the traditional culture and to lead a better life.

Cau Ngu Festival (Whale Festival)

Cau Ngu Festival (also referred to as Whale Festival) is the biggest festival of fishermen in Danang City. Annually, after the Tet holiday, fishermen celebrate the Whale Festival and along with that, they start to carry out the new fishing crop. In Danang, Cau Ngu Festival is organized in coastal regions like Man Thai, Tho Quang, Thanh Loc Dan, Xuan Ha, Hoa Hiep, etc. They worship the Whale to show the respect of fishermen to the whales who help them overcome difficulties in the ocean. The Festival takes place within two days in middle of lunar March. In the festival day, each household set up a solemn and colorful altar. The boats and ships are decorated with lights and flowers. Local fishermen then choose a board including old age and prestigious men to carry out the worship. They read aloud a speech in which they show their respect of the villages to the Cá Ông (Whale) and ask for good crop, safety and health.

In festival days, there are many activities and traditional games which can only be found in coastal areas like swimming, boat racing, etc.

Cau Ngu Festival represents the desire to have a peaceful life of the fishermen who always have to face difficulties and danger while staying in the ocean for long time.