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  • Several Festivals in and around Ha Long City

    Several Festivals in and around Ha Long City

    Quang Ninh is not only well-known for beautiful natural landscape but also for long-standing traditional custom which is expressed through distinctive festivals in many parts of the province. The festivals often take place at temples, pagodas or fishing villages. Each festival has its own spiritual meaning which receives much concern from native people as well as visitors. Joining in such festivals, tourists will have opportunity to get to know about local tradition, historical and religious values of local people which constitute a diversified but united Vietnam's culture.

  • Yen Tu Festival

    Yen Tu Festival

    A popular saying goes: "Even after 100 years of virtuous religious life, if you don't come to Yen Tu you cannot be called a true religious person". Pilgrimage to Yen Tu Festival in respect of Buddha and sightseeing is so meaningful...