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  • Co Loa Festival

    Co Loa Festival

    Annually held after Tet Holiday, Co Loa Festival pays homage to King An Duong Vuong who built the Au Lac Kingdom and the Co Loa Citadel to fight the battle against enemies in III B.C.

  • Thay Pagoda Festival

    Thay Pagoda Festival

    Well-situated in the shadows of Sai Son Mountain, Thay Pagoda lies in a tranquil and beautiful village, which is only around 40km west of Hanoi. The festival, officially held annually on the seventh day of the third lunar month and lasting for at least a week, pays homage to folk hero Tu Dao Hanh. The festival begins with Buddha worshipping and platform running, a religious performance accompanied by traditional music in a solemn atmosphere. Numerous traditional games are played during the festival, the best-known of all the activities is the traditional water puppet show given on Long Tri pond, in front of the Thuy Dinh Temple. After ceremonies for Buddha, you can take a hiking trip through the picturesque countryside which characterizes the region. Moreover, this is the time for you to enjoy hearing many famous legends that enrich the traditional value of this beautiful region.

  • Huong Pagoda Festival

    Huong Pagoda Festival

    The beautiful verse describes scenic spot of Huong Pagoda, designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site, which makes one can't help having the feeling that is one were lost in a world of fairies. Huong Son attracts visitors not only with its wonderful landscape, but also with its sense of philosophy embodied inside its splendid caves, of which Huong Tich and Tuyet Son are the most impressive. Visitors are bewitched by the beauty of these cases which look half real and half unreal. That explains the reason why the cold weather cannot keep thousands of pilgrims and tourists away from the Huong Pagoda Festival, the nation's longest and most elaborate annual festival.