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Several Festivals in and around Ha Long City

Yen Tu Pagoda Festival:

Coming to Quang Ninh in spring, you can take part in Yen Tu Festival which takes place annually from 10th of the first lunar month to March of lunar year in Uong Bi town. Yen Tu is considered the center of Buddhism of Dai Viet country (ancient Vietnam) in the past. Tourists visiting Yen Tu will have chance to get away from the hustle and bustle world to join in a religious pilgrimage in the peacefulness of marvelous landscape. Yen Tu complex comprises 11 pagodas and hundreds of shrines and towers. The highest point is Dong Pagoda which is situated on the highest peak (1.068 meters above sea level). You must be patient and enduring enough to reach Dong Pagoda. On the way to this highest point, you will see many other pagodas, temples, streams, each of which is connected with a meaningful legend. It is not easy to reach Dong Pagoda but once you have stepped on there, you will feel very comfortable, relaxed just like all the tiredness have gone. Standing on the highest peak of Yen Tu on sunny days, you can observe the whole scenery of the Northeastern region.


Long Tien Pagoda Festival

Long Tien Pagoda Festival is another spiritually meaningful festival which takes place annually on 24th of March lunar year under the Bai Tho Mountain, Ha Long city. Long Tien Pagoda was constructed not very long ago, and it is the largest pagoda in Ha Long city. This is not only the festival of people who follow Buddhism but also a festival of spiritual meaning for every one. The Pagoda is located in the foot of Bai Tho Mountain, a well-known historical relic and also a beauty spot. It can be said that every day can be considered the festival day, but most people go there in the full moon day and the first day of lunar month and especially during the Lunar New Year days. 



Cua Ong Temple Festival

Cua Ong Temple Festival in Cam Pha often takes place from January to March of lunar month (the main festival day is March 2nd). Cua Ong Temple worship Tran Quoc Tang (the third child of Tran Hung Dao) and Hoang Cau, a local hero. The festival is celebrated to memorize the merit of Tran Quoc Tang and other heroes. Cua Ong Temple is one of the vestiges of the Tran dynasty. During the festival days, the site attracts a large number of visitors since this Temple has long been considered a sacred one. Tourists coming here will not only have chance to visit the surrounding scenery of the temple, but also have chance to visit famous historical and natural beauty spots of the Northeastern coastal area.


Quan Lan Temple Festival

From 10th to 20th of lunar June, you can visit Quan Lan in Van Don archipelago to take part in Quan Lan Temple Festival. The festival is organized to commemorate the victory against the Mongol invaders in 1288 with Tran Khanh Du, a hero under Tran dynasty. In this festival, local people also ask for good fishing crops. Every year, on 10th of June, the “closing the village” ritual will take place. That is the time when all local inhabitants are not allowed to leave, but visitors from other places are welcomed. Attending the festival, you will witness the boat racing ceremony featured with the representation of the three-time-victory against the Mongol invaders. Quan Lan Festival is a traditional village festival which reflects the anti-invader and sovereignty protection spirit of local people.



Tra Co Village Festival

Tra Co Village Festival is organized from end of May to the beginning of June in Mong Cai town to worship the six tutelary gods and Nguyen Huu Cau (Quan He), a farmer leader under the Le-Trinh Dynasty. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the protection and contribution of the village’s gods and to ask for happiness to villagers. On 25th of May, a group of boats will start from Tra Co and transfer to Do Son (Hai Phong), the ancient homeland of local people here and return to Tra Co on 30th of May. The festival begins on the first of June with many activities and rituals. Joining in this festival, you will have chance to observe many interesting competitions like cooking. The festival ends with a dancing activity to ask for good fishing crop and happy life.


These are several festivals in Quang Ninh which reflect the traditional belief and values of local inhabitants. If you travel to Quang Ninh, try to explore more since there are many other meaningful festivals which are waiting for your visits.