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A vegetable village of Tra Que in Hoi Ancient Town

Located only 2km to the North far from Hoi An Ancient Town, Tra Que Vegetable Village has been famous for many kinds of fines herbs such as lettuce, cinnamon, onion, coriander … - the inevitable ingredients in Hoi An specialties as Cao Lau (Hoi An vermicelli), Quang Noodle, “banh xeo”, etc. Tra Que Vegetable has the special taste and flavor, which is typically different from vegetables growing in other places. In the total area of about 18 hectares, planting vegetables has become the main work of local people from generations to generations. Besides growing vegetables in order to supply for restaurants and wholesale markets in Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City, local people here also do some tourism activities by offering chances for foreign tourists to try becoming “hardworking vegetable growers”. Staying in this rural village, tourists themselves will be taught how to planting vegetables and cooking foods with the main ingredients of vegetables. In some recent year, Tra Que Village has welcomed a huge number of visitors, contributing to flourishing the potential tourism of Quang Nam Province in general and Hoi An Ancient Town in particular. Tourists can reach Tra Que Village by cycling or even by traveling on boats through Co Co and De Vong River. A delicious lunch and dinner here with local villagers will promise to bring you unforgettable time in Hoi An.

The image of a foreign tourist who plants vegetable with his passionate will not surprise people visiting this vegetable village. Tra Que Village in Hoi An Ancient Town is well-know all over the world for the “special tourism potential” and become one of the favorite tourist sites which can not be missed.