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  • The brocatelle of Lao people in Dien Bien

    The brocatelle of Lao people in Dien Bien

    Among brocatelle products of ethnic minority groups in Dien Bien, those of Lao in Na Sang II Village are considered the most famous to both domestic and foreign tourists. It is the brocatelle weaving craft that enriches the traditional cultural value of Lao people. This weaving craft appeared many years ago and was handed down from generations to generations. Up to now, this craft has contributed to increase the revenue source of Lao people. Annually, mainly in the end of April and early May, tourists are impressed by a wide range of brocatelle products here. At that time, many of these products are sold with the reasonable price. There are various kinds of brocatelle products ranging from the simple cloth of brocatelle to the colorful traditional customs in Na Sang II Village. The exhibitions taken place not only in Dien Bien but also in the whole country offering favorable chances to broadcast the Lao's brocatelle products to domestic and foreign travelers. Moreover, these products are also displayed and sold in trade fair celebrated regularly.