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Handicraft villages in Bac Ninh

Phu Lang Pottery Village

Phu Lang is one of the famous pottery villages in the North of Vietnam, located in Phu Lang Commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province – 60km from Hanoi to North East. Together with Bat Trang pottery (Gia Lam District – Hanoi) and Tho Ha pottery (Bac Giang Province), Phu Lang Pottery is now paid much attention of both local and foreign tourists (especially ones who has passionate on taking photographs).

Phu Lang Pottery was established and flourished during Tran Dynasty. Nowadays, some Phu Lang potteries dated 17th- 19th centuries are preserved and displayed at Vietnam History Museum. The Phu Lang potteries mainly focus on there categories:

  • Pottery in credence
  • Domestic pottery (potteries are used in family)
  • Pottery in decorating

All these products have the distinct and specific features of Phu Lang Village. They are sophisticatedly created by skilled pottery craftsmen – who are trying their best to keep the original pottery making for their next generations, so as to preserve and expand the pottery making of Phu Lang Village throughout Vietnam and even abroad. 

Tourists visiting Phu Lang Pottery Villages are warmly welcomed by friendly and industrious people here. When being asked about the process of making potteries, they are open and enthusiastic to talk about their work with great passionate. And surely, tourists can not refuse to buy some potteries as souvenirs for relatives and friends.


Dong Ho Painting Village

The name of Dong Ho Village is changed from the origin Mai Village – an ancient village in Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province. It is a small village lying next to the south riverside of Duong River, 35km from Hanoi to the East. This village specializes in making folk paintings - named Dong Ho Paintings. There are lots of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the village and buying some paintings as souvenirs throughout a year. It is said that the most attractive characteristic of Dong Ho paintings is the theme reflected through the paintings. Theme inside each painting focus on the simple life style related to the traditional culture of Vietnamese people. This explains why Dong Ho Paintings win the sympathy of every people. It can be said that beside Hang Trong Paintings, the collection of Vietnamese folk paintings is enriched with Dong Ho ones.


Dong Ky Wood Carving Village

Dong Ky Village is located about 25km from Hanoi. This village lies on the land of Dong Quang commune, Tien Don District, Bac Ninh province. In the past, Dong Ky was known as the place where the fire cracker Festival was celebrated on the 4th of January of lunar calendar. Nevertheless, this festival is not permitted any longer since the lighting of fire crackers is prohibited all over the country. At present, the name of Dong Ky village is attached with making carved hardwood furniture in both private and state run workshops. The craftsmen have enough superb skill to make the high-quality wood furniture which is sold both inside and outside the village. The most common pieces are tables, chairs, cupboards, and carved beds.

Travelers who once visit Dong Ky Wood Carving Village will be surprised at the beauty, quality and sophistication of the furniture made by “golden hands” of skilled craftsmen here. It would be a pity if tourists leave this village without buying some handcrafted furniture custom-made here.