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  • Hue Beef Noodle

    Hue Beef Noodle

    In Hue city, the former citadel of Vietnam, it doesn't take you a lot of money to dine like a King! Hue beef noodle takes its origin from the Royal Hue City of Central Vietnam. The broth is from cooking beef bones for a long period of time as well as a variety of different spices including lemongrass.

  • Perfume River mussel cooked rice

    Perfume River mussel cooked rice

    "Com hen Song Huong" is a dish served at room temperature, made with mussels and leftover rice. It is a complicated recipe that includes sweet, buttery, salty, sour, bitter and spicy flavors.

  • The Royal Refined Music of Hue

    The Royal Refined Music of Hue

    On 7th November 2003, the Royal Refined Vietnam (called "Nha nhac") has ever Music was proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the first title of this kind received.

  • Charming with Hue conical hat

    Charming with Hue conical hat

    Strolling around Hue City in peace and stillness, tourists will catch the images of local ladies in white "ao dai" (Vietnamese long dress) and non la (conical hats) on their heads walking gently under green trees along the streets. It is no doubt that if the "ao dai" is the traditional dress for Vietnamese women which firstly reveals hidden charms of Vietnamese women in tourists' eyes, the conical hat is the second thing to make a strong impression on tourists to Vietnam by its charm and romance.