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Local Products of Nha Trang

Nem Ninh Hoa (Ninh Hoa’s pork roll)


Nem Ninh Hoa has two kinds, Nem Chua (fermented pork roll) and Nem Nướng (roasted pork roll). The main ingredient of Nem Chua is Heo đất đỏ (a local kind of pig). Only the lean from the two thighs of the pig is used. The pork is brayed in mortar and added with enough spices like sugar and salt. In order to make a good fermented pork roll, people must have good skills in different steps. Then all the ingredients are rolled in the leaves of banana and tied with bamboo strings. Another type of pork rolls is Nem Nướng which is also made from well-bayed pork. The difference is the added spices; this dish is oftern added with tiny cubes of fat and garlic, sugar, pepper and salt, etc; then all the ingredients are rolled together and roasted on charcoal stove. The dish are rolled with rice sheet and served with salad, green banana, star fruit, cucumber, perilla, shallot, etc. dipped in a special bow of sauce.


Nha Trang Vermicelli


Most regions in Vietnam are familiar with rice vermicelli since this is a delicious and convenient dish. In Nha Trang, you will also have chance to enjoy this kind of special products. There are two main kinds of vermicelli in Nha Trang, one is made from fish, and another is made from jelly-fish.

Fish vermicelli is a popular kind of rice vermicelli in Nha Trang City. The grilled chopped fishes which are served with such kind of vermicelli have two types: the fried one and the steamed one. Mackerel is the main kind of fishes to be used in this dish. The grilled chopped fishes are mixed with various spices to increase the flavor of the dish. The rice vermicelli and grilled chopped fishes are put together into a big bowl, and then soused with the special sauce and served with fine herbs.

Jelly-fish vermicelli is similar to fish vermicelli with regards to way of processing. However, the main ingredients are jelly-fish, shrimp, crab, pork side, steamed grilled chopped fish or rolled grilled chopped fish, roasted peanut and fine herbs, etc. The jelly fishes are processed carefully before served in the vermicelli. All the material are put into a bowl and soused with delicious sauce.


Mentioned above are several delicious dishes which you will have chance to enjoy right at Nha Trang. Besides, there are also some products that you may buy as gift for your friends and family. One of these products is Yến sào (salangane’s nest). In East Asian countries like Japan, North Korea, China, Vietnam and many other countries. In Vietnam, Khanh Hoa is the place where a large number of salanganes build their nests (Khanh Hoa collects about more than 2 tons of salangane nest a year). The quality of Yến Sào in Khanh Hoa can be compared to the best in the world. That’s why the price also ranks the highest in the world.