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Rolled Rice Pancake

To eat, dip a section of rolled noodle goodness into the accompanying warm fish sauce broth, brightened with a squeeze of fresh lime. You can also pick the leaves off the herbs and add them to the dipping sauce, grabbing a leaf or two as you dip, or you can follow each bite with a chaser of herbs.  "Banh cuon" is often eaten with different sides of pork sausages, including sheets of an orange hued, roasted cinnamon sausage called "cha que".


Where to find it?

A short walk north of Hang Da Market and Hang Dieu Street will bring you to "Banh cuon Thanh Van", just look for the "banh cuon" station - wo large covered steaming pots - out front along the sidewalk. Just take a look! The practiced hands keep the bánh cuốn rolling out with experiences, alternating seamlessly between spreading the thin batter on the linen base of one steamer, then at right time, turning to the other to peel the delicately steamed pancake off the linen base with a bamboo stick. By the time the batter is spread on its newly emptied linen base, the pancake in the first steamer is ready and waiting. With only 6 tables nestled inside the small open storefront, the pace never slows. Serving 7AM-1PM and 5PM-11PM.



- No. 14 Hàng Gà Street, between Hang Ma Street and Hang Vai (the Hang Vai corner is lined with bamboo ladders and poles). It is located on the west side of the street, not far from where the street name changes from Hang Cot Street to Hang Ga Street.

- The restaurant "Quan An Ngon", No.18 Phan Bội Châu Street, also does a very respectable version of "banh cuon".