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A brief introduction to Dalat

Dalat possesses many architecture constructions which are designed by French architects. Nowadays, they have become the special feature of this charming city. Such architecture pattern is reflected through various constructions like Dalat Training College, Dalat Market, Dalat Station, residences, churches and pagodas. Each of the construction has its own architecture style. For example, Dalat Station, the only station to be recognized as a national historical and cultural vestige, is designed to represent the Lang Biang Mountain with three roof arches.

With natural favorable conditions, Dalat has great potential in developing tourism. Visiting Dalat, tourists will have opportunity to visit well-known beauty spots such as the Valley of Love, Ho Xuan Huong Lake, Cu Hill, Lang Biang mount peak, and lots of waterfalls. Each destination is attached with an old story, a legend which may be sad or meaningful. The waterfalls system in and around Dalat is suitable for exploration and adventure. Dalat is also well-known for the diversity of flowers. Coming to Dalat in the first days of January, you will have chance to take part in the Dalat Flower Festivals where many species of flowers are displayed.

If you are bored with the hustle and bustle daily life and wish to find a comfortable and relaxing place, Dalat may properly be your destination. Let’s spend some times to travel to Dalat to experience the highland coldness in the evening, to take a stroll in the morning under the pine tree forests. The peaceful and charming environment of Dalat will surely dissolve all the trouble to help you relax.