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Hoa Binh Overview

Topographically, Hoa Binh is a region of high mountains. Coming to Hoa Binh, tourists may have no chance to see the immense fields as these in Lai Chau or Son La; but may be compensated with the romantic picturesque scenery of water, sky and mountain. This contributes to make Hoa Binh a memorable impression for travelers. Hoa Binh possesses a hot and humid climate with high levels of precipitation during the rainy season. Moreover, thanks to the topographic combining mountains and lakes, this land has a typical high mountain climate with fresh air and coolness. These helps to explain the reason why Hoa Binh is now becoming one of the most wanted destination in Northern area for tourists after hard working hours with too much stress and tension. Some of foreign tourists express love to this area by giving “Hoa Binh” a name of “Peace” land.    

Significantly, Hoa Binh is also known as the homeland for many ethnic minority groups such as Muong (which counts the majority of Hoa Binh’s population), Dao, Tay, H’mong, Kinh, and Thai… Each ethnic group has its own living style and etiquette, which plays an important part in enriching the cultural values of Hoa Binh. For foreign tourists who tend to pay much interest in experiencing the life style of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, it is suggested that the name Hoa Binh is a “must-be-filled” in their lists. Tourists coming to Hoa Binh will explore a chance to enjoy tasting the ethnic minority specialty dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat, as well as watching traditional dancing, music performances (such as bronze, drums, gongs).

Generally, Hoa Binh has a great potential to develop its tourism. As a mountainous area, Hoa Binh possesses beautiful caves like Thac Bo cave, Hang Ret, Hoa Tien cave, the Pu Nooc primitive tropical forest give tourists many types of activities like adventure mountain climbing, hiking, hunting. With human effort and the existing natural scenery, the dreamy Da River Lake has been created. Traveling activities can be hold within the Lake with nearby bay, islet and peninsula where many species of animal and plants are being preserved. The villages of the Dao, Muong, Tay sparsely located around the lake, the valley have created a charming landscape picture. Hoa Binh has many hot mineral springs and primitive, secret valleys namely Kim Boi mineral spring, Mai Chau valley (with rice paddles and stilt houses planned for tourism purpose). A big hydroelectric plant in Vietnam is also located here as a source of electric supply and a mean of flood prevention. Hoa Binh has great tourism potential thanks to the endowed natural environment and man-made construction. In the future, with reasonable planning and preservation, Hoa Binh will surely become one of the most beautiful destinations of Vietnam, especially with regard to ethnic travel.