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With a long coastline of nearly 200 kilometers and complicated topographical structure (the combination of the sea - mountains - plain regions), Phu Yen boasts a large number of tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches namely Bang, bau, Binh Hoa, Tram, Mon beach, etc. The harmonious combination of the sea and mountain has brought Phu Yen a special beauty spot - Genh Da Dia, which has attracted lots of tourists. Along with the natural beauty spots, Phu Yen also possesses a special and unique cultural character which is generalized from local culture of people here. Such special feature is reflected through the traditional local songs, the festivals of ethnic minority groups with unique musical instruments. Nevertheless, Phu Yen’s tourism potential has yet been exploited, which make the city's economy and tourism industry less developed than neighboring regions. In near future, Phu Yen is expected to develop its potential so that in days to come, we would have chance to visit a new Phu Yen, a land of tourism with natural tourist attractions.

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