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An overview of Khanh Hoa province

Natural conditions

Situated closely to Truong Son Mountain range, Khanh Hoa comprises mainly mountains. The plain region is very narrow (about 400 square kilometers, nearly 1/10 the area of the province). Such topographical feature has prevented the province from developing agriculture. The region comprises a large number of islands, beaches and bays. Truong Sa Archipelago alone occupies more than 100 islands. The two largest rivers to flow through the province are the Cai River and Dinh River.

The province possesses temperate climate condition with the influence of both tropical monsoon climate and oceanic climate. The average annual temperature is 26,5oC. A year is divided into two main seasons : rainy season from mid-September to December, the rest months are sunny season.

Population and people

Currently, Khanh Hoa is home to 32 ethnic groups which concentrated mainly in plain regions, cities and towns. Kinh people account for the majority (95,3%) of the population, next is the Raglai people (3,4%) who inhabit chiefly in Khanh Son, Khanh Vinh. Besides, there are several other ethnic minority groups like Hoa, Co ho, Ede, Tay, Nung, etc.


Khanh Hoa has many sea ports among which, Cam Ranh can be compared as one of the best port in the world. Tourists can easily transfer to Khanh Hoa or Nha Trang through Nhan Trang airport and Cam Ranh airport (40km from Nha Trang). Moreover, the province is located within important transportation route of No. 1 Highway and the north-south railway which connect Khanh Hoa with northern and southern provinces ; No. 26 Highway which connects Khanh Hoa with Dak Lak and provinces in Central Highlands.

Economy and Tourism


Khanh Hoa takes up a long coast line of 200km with more than 200 islands of different sizes surrounded by white sandy beach and blue miracle water. Khanh Hoa’s beach attracts a large number of tourists every year with all year round sunlight ; the sky always remains its Mediterranean blue. There are many beautiful bays namely Van Phong, Nha Trang (one among the 29 world most beautiful bays), Cam Ranh, etc. and many historical-cultural relics and well-known beauty spots like Ponagar Tower, Dien Khanh Ancient Citadel, relics of scientist Yersin. With such favorable advantages, Khanh Hoa has become one of the largest tourism centers in Vietnam.
Khanh Hoa is also an ideal destination for big events of Vietnam and of the world like : Miss Universe 2008, Miss World 2010, etc. Along with such events is the Nha Trang Sea Festival (organized every two years) which has bring the image of Vietnam to friends all over the world.

Nha Trang City


Nha Trang is a coastal city and also the center for politics, economy, culture, science and tourism of Khanh Hoa province. Nha Trang is recognized as the first category city (among the 6 first category cities under the management of provinces in Vietnam) on 22 April 2009. The city is located to the east of Dien Khanh – Nha Trang plain region.

Nha Trang possesses many beauty spots which attract lots of tourists every year. Among these beauty spots, we can mention the Ponagar Tower and the Nha Trang Bay with many small islands (19 islands of different sizes). Visiting the City, tourists will not only have chance to experience the charming beauty of the landscape, but also have chance to enjoy Nha Trang’ specialty – Yến sào, seafood and many other local special dishes.