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The very first and key thing to be completed for your trip to Vietnam is to book a hotel room in advance, or at least, to make sure you get to know all about the one that best meets your demand on arrival.

Who are we?

With the advantage of being one among the Vietnam's top online portals for domestic hotel information and updated news, www.vietnamhotels.net acts as a free-of-charge guiding resource for like-minded guests to review and rate properties, to be provided with recommendations, to get your best world-class reservations, and to gather information for free for your trip via the online channel.

Why www.vietnamhotels.net ?

As locals as well as professionals in hotels and travel in Vietnam, www.Vietnamhotels.net has a great command of the Vietnam culture, legal system, and individual hotel policy, all related to the Vietnam hotels and accommodation. For the purpose of assisting guests in booking a satisfying hotel room in Vietnam at best, and in perceiving much hotel and travel experience for your trip here, www.vietnamhotels.net was set up with a prestigious service that combines local knowledge and local connection to bring you the best deals.

Our supporting service meets the criteria of Simple, Secure, Sufficient,Considerateand Reliable, providing you with insight on our broad selection of hotels through current, unbiased hotel reviews from discerning guests just like you who have stayed at the property.


Making the best use of online solutions, we have developed a very simple procedure that is easy for hotel room seekers to use. Specifically, you, as a client, is just required to follow very simple steps at (?). Alternatively, at the current phase of the site?s setting up, you just simply email us or call us at our hotline (+84) 989 383 767 for direct guidance.
Plus, you, clients, are assured of easy payment terms, and fast-track refunds (when in need). For delay or cancellation of your stay, the procedures are mostly free of charge (upon special cases) and flexible at your use.


Being aware of the significance of security of clients? private information, we have been using the highest level of online security to ensure one hundred percent that your provided information is kept in security and confidentiality.


For the wide selection of guests, www.vietnamhotels.net offers more than 400 properties around Vietnam from hotels, to bed-and-breakfasts, to condos, and to all-inclusive resorts. We offer all the sufficient information you need to book the perfect trip through detailed Hotel Reviews, Flexible Booking and our Price Match Guarantee.

Considerate With the prerequisite of guest supporting-at-most, our dear guests are kindly offered the 24/7 Customer Support through our:

For any questions or matters regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

* Tel: (+84) 2473.005.333
* Hotline: (+84) 989 383 767
* Email : [email protected] | [email protected]

where you will be responded for anything related to hotel as well as travel around Vietnam by pro-English, skilled, polite and kind-hearted supporters.


With a deep LOVE with Vietnam, our staff has been trying our best to welcome more and more foreigners to visit the country where it bases. Applying client-centered approach, our supporting staff always welcome all the feedback from clients and listen to them carefully to perfect the service with the big hope of offering a reliable service to the clients. Related to the reliability, you can click here (?) for the clients? testimonials who have been using our hotel-booking supporting service. You can even reach them for your reference.

We are always accountable to customers and partners, always reachable, and always connected, as we know you, foreigners, deeply need an online company that stands by its promises, prices, and values above all. As soon as you interact with www.vietnamhotels.net , you will see the real human service behind the technology.

Why US ?

  • Simple :Simple registration procedures, easy payment terms & fast-track refunds.
  • Secure :100% secure and confidential site at highest level of online security.
  • Sufficient :Over 400 properties around Vietnam from hotels, to bed-and-breakfasts, to condos, & to all-inclusive resorts.
  • Considerate :24/7 Customer Support with pro-English, skilled, polite & kind-hearted supporters.
  • Reliable :With client-centered approach, the supporting staffs always welcome all feedback from clients to perfect the service.

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