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Day trip to My Khe beach:
Overview :
Day trip to My Khe beach My Khe is one of the most attractive beaches of Danang which has been very popular with local people as well as tourists. The beach is located near the city center with beautiful landscape and qualified services (hotel, restaurant, and services related to swimming). Besides, you can enjoy many delicious seafood dishes with different ranges of price to meet the demand of all types of tourists. Furthermore, My Khe beach’s natural environment for tourism is quite good. In summer days, a trip to My Khe beach is really ideal. Leaving all the trouble and tiredness behind and resting yourself in the cool water will get you out of the hustle and bustle city life.



Depart from


Activity theme






Estimated fee

My Khe Beach (Danang)






1 day




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  • 8.00 am: Take a bicycle trip from Danang city to My Khe beach (My Khe beach is about 6km to east Danang City).


  • Stroll around to enjoy the landscape and take photographs.


  • 11.30 am: Have lunch at a restaurant to enjoy delicious seafood. There are many restaurants along the beach where you can select various kinds of food with reasonable price


  • Take a rest


  • 2.00 pm: Take a sunbath or take part in several activities in the beach. You can also take a bicycle ride along the beach.


  • 5.00 pm: Ride back to hotel in Danang city.


  • Arrive at My Khe beach, take a rest before



Activity suggestion




  • Suitable and comfortable clothes and shoes for riding bicycle


  • Swimsuit


  • Sun cream, sunglasses, hat


  • Camera to take picture


Most suitable for


  • People of all ages, all occupations


  • People who love water-related activities
How to get there
  • Ride bicycle from hotel in Danang city to My Khe beach


  • Stroll around


  • Ride back to hotel
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