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Cao Dai temple & Cu Chi Tunnels

The Great Holy See Temple, built in 1926, is considered one of the most striking structures in all of south-east Asia. It is the centre of Caodaism, a religion that blends Buddhism, Christianity and Confucianism. Explore this fascinating site and attend the colorful noon-day mass held by the Cao Dai followers. It is an experience not to be missed. In this Ho Chi Minh tour, we also take the chance to visit Cu Chi Tunnels which is now considered a heroic district for its role during the American war in Vietnam. It is legendary for its network of tunnels, which extends over 220km, and is a popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors.

Tour Pricing
Size of Group 1-10
Cost/pax (VND) 150,000
  • 08:00 We will pick you up in Dist.1 – Ho Chi Minh City, then we drive to Tay Ninh, you will enjoy many beautiful sceneries along the way.
  • Arrive at Cao Dai temple, Tay Ninh, the visitors shall have the chance to see the main colorful temple. Above the entrance is the all-seeing holy eye – symbol of the sect. Visitors will attend the midday ceremony’s extravaganza to witness the daily mass held by the Cao Dai followers which is a fantastic experience.
  • Then, we will take a rest for lunch.
  • After lunch, visitors will go to the Cu Chi tunnels to explore the amazing site where Viet Cong hid during the War. It is now a popular spot for both Vietnamese & foreign tourists - the network of over 200km of tunnels became legendary when they played a vital role in the War. In their heyday, the tunnels were functioning as underground cities including numerous trap doors, specially constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centers & kitchens. There is plenty of evidence of the fierce battle that took place here during the 1960s when Cu Chi was a "Free Target Zone". Coming here, visitors can watch a short introductory video showing how the tunnels were constructed before entering the tunnels. Spend the next hour exploring the tunnels.
  • Afterwards, enjoy tea, cassava (guerrilla’s food in war time).
  • 18:00 We will come back to Saigon, the Ho Chi Minh tour ends.


  • A/C bus
  • English speaking guide
  • 01 mineral water/pax


  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks, meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Admission fee to the tunnels
  • Tips and gratuities

What to bring for this trip:

  • Cameras
  • Drinking water
  • Flash light
  • Respectable clothes for temple visiting
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Note: Ticket for children