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Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Over the ups and downs of history, the name Thanh Ha Pottery is sometimes forgotten. However, since Hoi An was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997, this pottery village has been revived and becomes one of the “can’t-be-missed” tourist site for tourists visiting Hoi An. The main products of Thanh Ha Pottery Village are frequently used in daily life such as cups, bowls, vase of flowers … and pottery animals with various shapes and colors.

It is said that Thanh Ha Pottery is more outstanding than potteries in other villages as it is harder, lighter and more lustrous than others. Visiting this village in a beautiful day, visitors are offered chances to make “small pottery gifts” for beloveds by themselves. Nowadays, the most popular souvenir is the pottery animals, which are widely sale in Hoi An Ancient Town. Perhaps, which attracts tourists most is the sound ejecting when they blow in these pottery animals.

Annually, at the end of the first lunar year, local people celebrate a spring festival to worship the Ancestor of this handicraft village. Many cultural activities are taken place during this festival.