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Hoi An Eco Fishing Tour:
Overview :
Hoi An Eco Fishing Tour Fishing tour is the very special tour which is promised to bring visitors the most beautiful scenery of the countryside of Fishermen life in Hoi An town - Viet Nam. Touching the local fishing life by using the fishing net, riding funny basket boat and visiting water palm coconut paradise and learning about history about the Vietnamese people throughout daily activity are a great thing to see. This unique tour that is committed to providing you “A unique cultural window into the Vietnamese way of life”



Depart from


Activity theme






Estimated fee

A local fishing village in Hoi An


Hoi An




2.5 hours from 4pm




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  • The tour will start at 4 pm. Guests are picked up from hotel and transfer to a local fishing village by van.


  • There you will have chance to observe the local daily life and learn about the local fishing style.


  • After that, take a rest for a drink at a small restaurant in the village.


  • Guests then will be boarded to a big boat by a small basket boat and join in the fishing activities with local fishermen on the river.


  • The small basket boat is one of the fishing tools; you will learn how to use this kind of funny basket boat.


  • Start to race basket boat performed by fisherman (joining with fisherman)


  • Come and exploring the beautiful water coconut palm paradise


  • Listen and learn about the life of Former V.C soldier against the Southern U.S. ARMY before 1975.


  • Come back to the boat for lunch to enjoy the talent of the Captain Cook on board (Captain Cook is cooking on board from the fish that guest caught with the fishing net.


  • Transfer back to hotel by van





  • Tour guide


  • Boat


  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel in Hoi An city


  • 1 cold beer and 1 bottle water


  •  Light meal on board (Fish caught will be cooked on boat)


  • Fruit dessert





  • Drinks


  • Insurance


  • Personal expenses


  • Tip



Activity suggestion


Most suitable for


  • Anyone who likes fishing and exploring local daily activities
How to get there
  • Transfer by van from hotel to a fishing village


  • Take a boat to travel on the water and enjoy the fishing activity with small basket boats
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