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  • Bac Ninh's Festivals

    Bac Ninh's Festivals

    Bac Ninh is regarded as the realm of cultural activities and is a place where traditional folk culture flourished. Most of villages possess their own festivals, some of which are popular to everyone, both local and foreign tourists. Some typical festivals can be listed such as Phat Tich Pagoda Festival, Do Temple Festival, Ba Chua Kho Festival, Dau Pagoda Festival, But Thap Pagoda Festival and some festivals at handicraft villgages like Dong Ho Painting Village ... What impresses tourists most is Singing Festival in Quan Ho Villages. Coming to Bac Ninh is coming to an ancient land of Vietnamese original culture.

  • A meaningful pilgrimage to the Lim Festival

    A meaningful pilgrimage to the Lim Festival

    "My friend, please stay here, do not return home. When doing so, you make me weep silently. The two flaps of my dress will be soaked with tears..." are the so beautiful words of a popular Quan Ho song named "Goodbye" (or "Gia ban" in Vietnamese), that makes our supposed upcoming pilgrimage to the Lim Festival so meaningful.