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Hoang Cong Chat Temple Festival

The Ban Phu Citadel – Hoang Cong Chat Temple Festival aims to educate Vietnamese people with national patriotism and national pride together with tightening the solidarities between the lowland and the highland among 54 ethnics of Vietnam. This festival is estimated to welcome thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists coming to Dien Bien every year. A palanquin process and incense offerings headed by a dragon or unicorn dancing troupe will open the festival. This festival continues with the musical performance to praise the national solidarity performed by sixty actors in traditional customs of northwest ethnic minorities groups. During the festival, many folk games take place such as picking up the fairy peaches, catching the pig for taking the prize, “con” (a name of a ball) throwing, “co pha” (a kind of board games) playing, crossbow contest, pole pushing and tug-of-war. Especially, The Thai young girls in “Xoe” dance (traditional dance of Thai) makes a great and unforgettable impression on foreign tourists. All artistic activities and can alcohol drinking happen at night