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Half day Trip to Co Loa Citadel:
Overview :
Half day Trip to Co Loa Citadel Located near Phong Khe, Co Loa Citadel is just about 20km to the North of Hanoi. This old fortress attracts many foreign tourists for its historical and cultural value. It would be interesting for tourist to find that this Citadel is not only built in a large scale, but also took a very long time to construct. Especially, it has also been the source of various relics of the Dong Son culture of the Bronze Age. This would be a precious chance for tourists to explore such large site and its potential beauty. This spiral-shaped complex will take you to the mysterious ancient Vietnam thousands of years ago…



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Estimated fee:

Co Loa – Dong Anh- Hanoi










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  • 7.00 am: Pick up at hotel in Hanoi. On the way to Co Loa Citadel, the tourists have a chance to see the property of the villages located along the two banks of the Red River Dykes and the lifestyles of dwellers.


  • 7.45 am: Arrive at Co Loa – the home to a number of ancient relics which have been unearthed by excavations throughout the years.


  • Spending time visit Co Loa which was nominated twice as the capital of the country: the first time during the An Duong Vuong era in the late 3rd and early 2nd century BC, and the second time during the Ngo Vuong Quyen reign in the middle of the 10th century.  


  • Taking photos


  • 11.00 am: Get on car and transfer back to Hanoi


  • 11.45 am: Arrive in Hanoi





  • Transfer car fee


  • English/French speaking tour guide





  • Personal expenses


  • Cash in hand to buy souvenirs



Activity suggestions




  • Shoes for walking, soft and short clothes


  • Camera (optional) for taking photographs


Most suitable for


Tourists of all ages, all occupations

How to get there
  • Car to transfer from Hanoi to Co Loa and transfer back to Hanoi


  • Bus number 46 from My Dinh Bus Station directly to Co Loa


  • Walk around the Citadel for sightseeing
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