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  • Half day with Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

    Half day with Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

    In the system of national museums of the country, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is considered as one of the crucial museums in maintaining and promoting the treasure of cultural, artistic heritages of Vietnamese ethnic communities. Visiting the Museum, visitors can understand the entire history of Vietnam fine arts through the collections, exhibits that are displayed here. Coming here, the visitors can also enjoy the artistic architecture of the bulding.

  • Hanoi Sunrise

    Hanoi Sunrise

    Enjoy a morning walk to Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword) to experience early morning Hanoi. Legend has it that in the mid 15th century, the gods provided the Emperor Le Thai To a magical sword to defeat the Ming dynasty Chinese invaders. Following the victory, the emperor was boating on the lake when a giant tortoise reared up and took the sword, returning it to its rightful owners. After an energetic start, enjoy a traditional local breakfast - Pho - followed by a Vietnamese coffee at a roof top cafe in Hanoi Old Quarter overlooking the Hoan Kiem Lake. The last stop is a family run Vietnamese restaurant to join a cooking class and learn the finer points of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The cooking class includes a walk to Hang Be food market to learn about Vietnamese ingredients. Once back at the restaurant you will learn how to cook several Vietnamese dishes. It is then time to relax and feast on your Vietnamese culinary creations.

  • Hanoi 1 day biking

    Hanoi 1 day biking

    You will have chance to discover the beauty of sight seeing as well as the local life style with this tour. You will pass over many pagodas as well as interesting places such as rice field, pagoda, village assembly hall, riverside etc. You can also have talks with people, learn about their life and take some memorable pictures. In the afternoon, you will have several short stops for guide stories, riding through exciting countryside: river dike, mulberry fields, brick fields, temple, war memorial…

  • Experience half day in Van Phuc Silk Village

    Experience half day in Van Phuc Silk Village

    During their stay in Hanoi, most tourists insist on a trip to Van Phuc Silk Village, the most famous silk village of Hanoi, to contemplate the genuine traditional silk-making industry. Van Phuc Silk village is located on the banks of Nhue River. It is about 10km far from Hanoi center on the southwest motorway. For many generations, this village has been much well know for its traditional sericulture, weaving and silk products. Tourists coming here are lured by various beautiful shirts, crafts, ties, dresses and many other things made of silk available in the village. Tourists also have chance to hear the sound of looms filled Van Phuc for a thousands of years, walk through the village and visit different homes, observe the silk weaving process and also do some shopping in village shops ...

  • Shopping at Dong Xuan – Hang Ngang – Hang Dao Market at night weekends

    Shopping at Dong Xuan – Hang Ngang – Hang Dao Market at night weekends

    Actually, tourists visiting Hanoi do not want to miss a chance to go shopping at Dong Xuan – Hang Ngang – Hang Dao Market every night weekend (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening). Here, you can buy everything you want with the suitable price. However, if you are seriously looking after bargains with little time to spare; perhaps, this is not the best destination.

  • Full day visiting Khoang Xanh, Ao Vua

    Full day visiting Khoang Xanh, Ao Vua

    Located in Ba Vi District, Ha Noi and entending beneath legendary Tan Vien Moutain , the Ao Vua – Khoang Xanh tourist site has been attracting lots of visitors. If you transfer by car, it will take you more than one hour to travel from the center of Hanoi to the site. Tourists visiting the place will have chance to relax in beautiful landscape enjoying diversified local products. Besides the natural beautiful environment, the attraction also provides other services with artificial constructions. You will be able to go for sightseeing or relax yourself in the fresh water after a hardworking week…

  • Spend half day at Bach Thao Park

    Spend half day at Bach Thao Park

    If you want to find a place where you can relax yourself in a peaceful and fresh atmosphere, then Bach Thao Park is properly a right choice. Bach Thao Park (Botanical Garden) is covered with the green color of many species of green trees and many kinds of flowers. At special feature of this Park which makes it different from others may be the quiet atmosphere. People who are stressed or bored with the hustle and bustle of the city life pay frequent visit to this place. A peaceful and quiet place lying in the center of a rush and noisy Hanoi will be a good destination to visit, especially in such hot summer days.

  • Join in a short tour around West Lake

    Join in a short tour around West Lake

    Hanoi comprises a large number of lakes, among which West Lake is the largest one. West Lake is located in the north of Hanoi city center with the total area of about 500 hectares. It was a relaxation place for the Kings during Vietnam’s former dynasties in the past. Today, West Lake has become a well-known attraction of Hanoi since it provides various kinds of activities. You can take part in a boat trip around West Lake to experience many beauty spots and relics (Nghi Tam village with a pagoda of special architecture style, Kim Lien pagoda; Nhat Tan, the village of peach flower and other villages with their own traditional features). Along with Truc Bach Lake, West Lake (the two lakes are divided by Thanh Nien Street, which is Co Ngu Street in the past) has made Hanoi City more poetic and charming.